Friday, 9 June 2017

Music and Rhythm Outdoors.

We are approaching the end of school year 2016/2017. There are still so many things at school that are keeping the students busy before the summer break starts. What can it be?
This week the Grade 8 students surprised us with an activity wall in our little playground. They designed and built a big music instrument for the Early Years students. Why are pans and tubes there? What happens if the little students hit the objects with drumsticks? What could they hear?  It was music and rhythm! 
The Early Years students also noticed something else in the school's backyard. A big black rectangle on the fence! Why were there buckets with chalks left there? They immediately figured it out; it was a drawing board! Thank you for creating inspiring outdoor-equipment, Grade 8 students!

On Monday Students enjoyed their last Forest school for this school year! We learned so much from the Forest! We learned how to be caring towards nature - we never left garbage behind us. We learned how to be thinkers and communicators while solving different problems during exploring, observing and building activities! We learned how to be polite – we have a special Forest greeting ritual. We learned how to be better listeners by hearing different sounds in the Forest. During the last trip, we learned how to become even more courageous! The children were blindfolded, and they had to find their way towards yummy treats by only touching a rope between the trees. That was challenging!
Thank you, Forest! See you next year!

What happened in the Oak class this week? Students continued to share things about themselves as being preschoolers. What are they able to do now that they could not do at the beginning of the school year? Some of the students said that they can read and write now, but some of them proudly announced that they jump on one leg and jump, jump higher to the sky!
On Thursday students decided to make muffins. What ingredients do you need?  It all started by reading a recipe.  Every student got engaged with a different task for preparing the dough. Then followed the process of mixing, putting some decorations on and baking the dough in the oven. It was such a delicious treat for all the Oak students! Banana muffins were made out of rye flour!
On Tuesday we also celebrated Ruslan's 5th birthday. Happy birthday to you, Ruslan!

Maple children proved that they were growing and learning a lot throughout the year! It is so easy now to find the center of interest during our morning free exploration time! They surprised the teachers with their creativity and knowledge by using appropriate tools while doing projects of their own! They can talk about their creative arts and explain what and how it was made!

It was a week of measuring in Linden. We enjoyed a book titled "Tall". There are very few words in the book, so they had a picture walk through the book. Talking about how the little monkey was small and then looking at how he made himself taller. We focused on the words tall and short and also big and small. After looking at the book, the students had to use something in the class to construct their height. They could use blocks, popsickle sticks and pegs or knitted bands. They had fun while measuring themselves against their construction. Some students then compared theirs against their friends or the teachers. Lots of great new words were used. They also had to draw a picture of themselves, and then they had to find one thing that was shorter than them and one thing that was taller. These objects were then drawn next to their self-portrait.
Happy birthday to Philip who is celebrating his 4th birthday!

Reminder: On Monday, June 12th, we will go on a field trip to Vakarbuļļi beach to celebrate the end of a fantastic school year! The bus will depart from ISR at approximately 10:00 am.  We will be back at school at around 3:00 pm.

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