Friday, 2 June 2017

Do you know Alphie?

This week has been filled with active and knowledgeable events at the Early Years.

On Monday the older students went to the forest. They listened to the story of Sandbear by Shen Roddie and Jenny Jones. The children had an opportunity to create a picture of themselves in the sand using forest treasures. They also went on a colour hunt to see which colours they could find in the forest and match it to a colour wheel.

On Wednesday morning all student went to the big gym and enjoyed a sporty morning together with Grade 8 &10 students. It was great to see the older student taking care of younger students and guiding them through different sports stations! What a fun way to start a day at school! Thank you for creating a special day!

Who is Alphie? The Early Years students know the answer. Ask them! He is an alligator who introduces students to letters and their sounds during their “Success for All” lessons. He even is teaching children how to read words by sounds! Our bigger children could even read a book to all their friends! This Thursday we all celebrated Alphie’s party at school. At the end of the celebration, children received the Alphie award for participating in these lessons! 


Thursday KG students visited the Early Years, and younger students shared their toys with them and played games! Hope to see you soon again KG students!

Inquiring the unit "I am a Pre-schooler", the Oak students proudly reflected about themselves as part of the community at school. Some students said that they are caring towards other classmates by sharing toys with them and giving hugs when somebody feels sad. Students also have become great helpers in the classroom during lunch time by setting up the table and sharing the bread. Thank you for your help!

Maple children had great fun during our Sport’s Day and proved to be really courageous while trying out all the activities! We celebrated International Children’s Day with colourful balloons (thank you, Simeon’s mum and dad)! The children decided to make and decorate their own paper balloons for our classroom! On Friday we had our “Cookie Friday” instead of having Pizza Friday. Cookies tasted so good, because we made the dough, cut cookies out with cookie cutters all by ourselves! The children enjoyed planting our pumpkin sprouts outside with Ms Liga. They measured the flowerbed with their steps and counted the distance between these sprouts! Now we have to wait for them to grow!

This week in Linden we built on our experience in the forest and reflected on what we look like and what resources we could use in class to make a picture of ourselves. On Tuesday we painted a self-portrait and are using these portraits to reflect on how we have changed since our first picture in Linden class. We also took some time to think about what it means to be kind at school. We read the book The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler to help us understand the word kindness. The older students have been making numbers and have been counting to a 100. On Wednesday we had a sports morning and did a variety of fun activities with the Grade 8 and 10 students helping us.

Reminder: Older students are going on a field trip to the Forest at ‘Bumbu Kalniņš’ on Monday, 5th of June. They will leave the school at 9:15 am and will come back at approximately 2:00 pm.

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