Monday, 19 June 2017

Celebrating Latvian Midsummer Festival – Jāņi.

This week has brought us to an exciting event at school! What can it be? Which event has the Latvian heart at ISR?

On Thursday morning the Early Years students were getting ready to celebrate Jāņi, a traditional Latvian Midsummer Festival which celebrates the summer solstice. Traditionally the summer solstice is celebrated on June 23 and marks a divide in nature. It is the longest day and the shortest night and in Latvia the short summer has reached its flowering height.

The little ones together with their teachers prepared themselves for Jāņi by making crowns of oak leaf and wildflowers. In the afternoon together with the whole school community, we enjoyed dancing Latvian folk dances and singing songs. The Early Years students proudly presented a traditional folk song and dance "Kas Dārzā". What a creative way of representing Latvian heart in the Early Years!

Graduation Party at the Early Years.

We wish you an enjoyable summer break! Hope to see you back at the beginning of the next school year 2017/2018!

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