Friday, 19 May 2017

What is More Expensive Than Gold?

This week the older Early Years children began with their trip to the Forest school. What did they do there? Passing the trail, children found a big ant hill.  After greeting the Forest and free explorations, the children were divided into five groups; each group focused on creating their own art work from all natural materials that they could find in the forest. It took a lot of cooperation, creativity and also thinking skills! Finally, all five groups of children were ready to present their work! Please, see the pictures!
On Wednesday many of early year’s students participated in planting our “Christmas” tree.  It is still very small, but we will take a good care of it, and it will grow nice and big!

Can you guess the answer to this traditional Latvian riddle? What is more expensive than gold? What might it be?
Do you know in which country bread was baked for the first time in history? Egypt, but Latvians have honored bread and the value of it through many centuries. Bread gives us strength for doing our daily jobs, and culturally people have been singing songs about baking bread.
As our unit "Lovely Latvia" is coming to an end, students explored baking bread. They discovered, what ingredients are needed for baking bread and learnt to bake it. Then followed the best part. Tasting the bread! Rye bread is so delicious!

Maple children enjoyed the classroom exploration centres! Everyone was busy with the creative project, writing, dramatic games or completing Math games. The children planted pumpkin seeds, and now we are waiting for them to sprout up!
On Friday we went on a walking field trip again to see how the environment changed because of spring! How lovely is our Latvia with yellow dandelions, white and pink cherry tree blossoms, small blue flowers and fresh green leaves on trees and bushes all around us!

This week in Linden we continued with patterns. We relooked at signs and symbols of Latvia and started exploring patterns in Latvia. We have begun creating our patterns using traditional Latvian signs.
This week we received a letter from the children in the Reception class from Bishop Mackenzie International School in Malawi. The kids told us all about life in Malawi. We are busy writing them a letter telling them all about Riga.

We went to Dome Square this morning (Friday). We had such a lovely morning it was a proper summer’s day. We went to Dome church to see the roosters from our story Neparastie R─ździnieki ( When we arrived, we had our snack on the grass and enjoyed listening to Riga sounds and the sun. We were so excited to hear the chimes ring at 10 am. We counted, and there was exactly 10. We then went to explore the church garden and were amazed at the things we discovered; we even found the old rooster from the tower. Inside the church, we found the flood line from the 17 century and measured ourselves against it. If some of the children stood on tippy toes, they would have been just above the waterline some of the others would have been way under the water. We were able to find lots of patterns inside the church. On the way out we also found a tiny little golden mouse? We finished our snacks outside on the grass and then went to the souvenir shop and bought something with our own money. Children were responsible for their money, and they had to choose very carefully to buy something they could afford. It was great fun, and we all have lots to talk about so please make sure you ask about our day.
We also celebrated Jan's 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Jan!

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