Friday, 26 May 2017

How Much Have You Grown? What Can You Do?

This week the Early Years students returned to their first unit of inquiry “I Am a Pre-schooler”. How tall have we grown since the beginning of autumn? What can you do? Curiosity, creativity and reflection shined through the inquiry.

Many months have gone by since students explored our first unit of inquiry "I am a Pre-schoolers". Returning to this exploration, lots of students continued to develop skills in Math by measuring each other. They compared different heights. How tall are you? Who is taller? Who is smaller?

There was also an exploration of different objects by weighing and comparing them. What is heavier? 5 pine cones or 4 shells? Blue or green beads?

This Thursday our art teacher Ms Valda visited us, and students explored circles and developed skills by using stencils.  Which objects look like circles? Students came up with many great ideas!

Maple children were busy planting and observing growing sprouts already for few weeks. This helped them to build an understanding that everything is changing while growing. Plants are changing, and we are changing too! Now we are much better in writing, counting, and building. We know how to cooperate with each other in smaller and bigger groups while playing and exploring our learning centres! Why? We are growing all together!

How much fun is it to make a rhubarb birthday cake together! Ms Liga grew such a huge rhubarb in her garden, and we all made a cake for Ms Zoja’s birthday! She is growing too!

We have started our final unit “I am a Pre-schooler”. As teachers, we have been very aware of how they have grown and changed this year. As we were reflecting on these changes with them this week, we focused on things they can do now that they struggled with before. It is lovely to hear their reflections and seeing them being aware of how much they have changed.

The children love standing by the window in the mornings; they make a list of which friends arrives first. This is such an excellent student initiated activity that promotes math and language in the class. After weeks of looking and listening to the older students taking part in this activity one of the younger students asked if he could write the names and place the children in order this morning. It was so great to see pre-writing in action.

Today is Pizza Friday! There were lots of opportunities for Math, Language and pre-writing skills. The children are confident with money and ordering their own Pizzas. Our photos today is mostly about us ordering and paying for our pizzas.

REMINDER: Older students are going on a field trip to the Forest at ‘Bumbu Kalniņš’ on Monday, 29th of May. They will leave the school at 9:15 am and will come back at approximately 2:00 pm.