Friday, 21 April 2017

Preparing for the Student Led Conferences.

It has been an exciting week in the Early Years classes! A Little walking trip around Kipsala, starting to explore patterns and getting ready for the Student Led Conferences. Have a look at what our little students have been doing this week at school?
It has been a great week for the Oak students! On Tuesday morning the weather was sunny, and we all went on a walking trip around Kipsala. Students explored the neighborhood around the school and looked for things, which they can find in Latvia. When we reached the river Daugava, students were curious seeing a ferry boat arriving back in Riga. Some students even recognised a castle with towers across the bridge.
There was also an exploration of colours looking at different pieces of traditional Latvian fabrics. Students were careful observers and noticed many different colours. During these observations, they made variety collages of colours.
On Thursday our art teacher Ms Valda visited us, and students enjoyed creating paintings with spring flowers. What colours are spring flowers? Enjoy our art gallery!

Spring is here! Maple children were excited to see how their seeds grew and were willing to plant more!
They were interested in recognising the shape of Latvia and explored our map. They also made some Art and Math projects with the shape of Latvia and Latvian flag. The girls were excited to put on traditional Latvian clothes and turn themselves into Latvian girls (tautu meitas).  Meanwhile, our youngest students were learning from their older friends about the face and body parts! Please, see the pictures!

This week in Linden we were hard at work getting ourselves ready for the Student Led Conferences. We have been reflecting on what we have learned over last few months. It is lovely to see how they have grown and how they experience their achievements.
We have also started introducing patterns. We began listing to stories to see if we can find the patterns in these stories. Over the next week, we will connect what we have been learning about patterns to the patterns we have found in and around Riga.
It was Māra’s birthday this week she is 4 years old now and ready to go to the forest. Happy Birthday, Māra!

Reminder: Older students are going on a field trip to the Forest at ‘Bumbu Kalniņš’ on Monday, 24th of April. They will leave the school at 9:15 am and will come back at approximately 2.00 p.m.

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