Friday, 7 April 2017

How do you welcome spring?

On Monday the older children of the Early Years went to the Forest within the Forest programme and discovered that some forest residents are returning from warmer countries. Who are they? Birds! Where will they stay? The story about Owl Babies (written by Martin Waddell) led to ideas about creating a house for birds. Afterwards, children with their teachers gathered forest treasures and built different nests by welcoming them back home.

Another exciting school week has gone by in the Oak classroom. Continuing a unit of inquiry "Lovely Latvia", students explored Latvian symbols. Using beans, peas, they discovered symmetry and shapes.

Finally, spring also has arrived! How do you welcome it? The Oak students know the answer. They did some planting, and now it's time to wait until something green will sprout out and greet spring!

After seeing the first signs of spring during the Forest field trip, Maple children decided to make our own Spring Garden. Together with Ms Līga, they planted different seeds into flowerpots, and now we are waiting for the sprouts to come up! Meanwhile, the children learned the song about growing!

Spring has come, and Easter celebrations with colourful eggs are coming soon! Together with Ms Valda, the Maple children learned how to make egg prints! It was fun!

The children continued to explore traditional Latvian costumes while looking at them in the books we have in our classroom, completing puzzles and even making their own dolls dressed as Latvian girls (tautu meita).

This week in Linden we have had some of our students that have just turned four going to the forest for the first time. They were excited and had a lovely day out.

We also have a new toddler friend Jan Kociemba. It has been fun getting to know him and welcoming him to our class.

We continued our exploring of Latvia. The children have been noticing patterns on our field trips and this week we started making them aware of patterns in traditional clothes and fabrics.

  • The ISR International Days are just around the corner! Monday, 10th of April - Parade of Nations will begin at 8:45am.
  • Tuesday, 11th of April - Concert, a celebration of performances from the different countries, will begin at 2:00pm. 
  • Tuesday, 11th of April - Country Displays. You are all welcome to visit the Country display tables before and after the concert. 
  • We are planning to go on a field trip to the Open Air Museum on Wednesday, the 12th of April. This trip will be related to the Unit of Inquiry “Lovely Latvia”. The students will experience Latvian Easter traditions. The bus will depart from school at 9:45 am. We will eat our snack before we leave and we will be back at school around 12:30 pm for lunch time.

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