Friday, 28 April 2017

What Patterns Can You Make?

We would like to thank parents and children for attending the Student-Led conferences last Saturday! It was great to see how excited the children were to share their journey of learning with their parents! Thank you for taking an active part on this special day! Now let’s take a look at all the fun things that have been happening this week!

On Monday we went to the forest with the older students in Preschool. It was extra exciting as we had three new friends joining us. It was a lovely morning in the forest, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing so beautifully. We read the story of the Three Little Pigs and then thought about what houses we would build if we lived in the forest. We made four groups, and each group had to build a house that would keep the wolf out. The children were really creative. After lunch time we had a little time to play in the homes we build. We really did not want to return to Riga.

This week students continued to explore the unit of inquiry "Lovely Latvia" and focused on Math activities. They discovered a variety of nature treasures, which can be found in Latvia, and created beautiful mandalas, where pattern and circle were shown. 

On Monday we also celebrated Isabella's 3rd birthday. Happy birthday to you, Isabella!

Maple children finished the process of replanting their spring sprouts! Some of the children even helped Ms Līga to plant flowers outside into our flower beds. As a continuation of planting, the children decided to make Latvian vases with artificial flowers made from different lose parts they found in the classroom!
One more children initiative was making kites. The kites were different shapes, colours and decorated with Latvian signs! 
Together with our friends from Grade 9 the Maple students build a castle according to the House they are appointed to Rundāle, Turaida or Bauska.

This week in Linden we focused on exploring patterns. The children have been listing to stories and songs all about patterns. Our favourite story is Pattern Fish by Trudy Harris. We have been exploring making patterns with loose parts and with forest treasures that the older students brought back from the forest for us.
Ms Valda came to our class for art on Thursday, and we made some beautiful flower patterns with her.
We are looking forward to the spring break next week.

Reminder: We wish all of you a wonderful May break! See every one of you on the 8th of May!