Friday, 17 March 2017

What do You Know About Latvia?

This week in the Early Years went by starting to explore a new unit of inquiry "Lovely Latvia". During their pre-assessment, the children shared things and places they have noticed and visited in Latvia.  This lovely spring weather was spoiling us and students went on walking field trips around the school; they looked at different items and pictures about Latvia. Through this unit, children will travel on an exciting journey of discovering Latvia.

Oak students started to explore their new unit of inquiry "Lovely Latvia". During their pre-assessment, the children shared things and places they have noticed and visited in Latvia. Lots of students already have visited the beach, and they have seen the big bridge and ferry boat across the river. Even going to the countryside, some of the students have seen horses, cows and castles.

Maple group children started their exploration of the new unit with a walking field trip to the river. We were lucky enough to see the towers of Riga city on the other side of the river. The children found out the name of the river, just ask them – they will tell you! We saw a BIG ferry boat moving towards the other shore of the river, and the children began wondering what all these people want to see in Riga and Latvia? Back at school, the children started to explore the map of Latvia as well as Latvian signs which are displayed in the classroom. We watched great cartoons about funny creatures who live in Riga as well as one about the forest and the rabbit family who live there. Next week we will be going on our first Forest trip this year – we have to be prepared to meet some animals there :).
Here are the YouTube links for the movies. Have fun watching them with your children!

It has been a great week for exploring in Linden class. We have started our new unit “Lovely Latvia”. On Monday we found a bag in our class with some amazing Latvian things. We have noticed that there are lots of patterns and symbols in Latvia. We went for a walk to the river and had seen some designs on the houses and the cobbled street. We have also been able to make connections with our previous unit Shadows as it was a lovely sunny day.
Today, Friday, we had some real world experience with money in our classroom. The children had the opportunity to make some authentic connections with money. The Grade 8 students had their bake sale. As our students arrived this morning, they were asked to write their name and the amount they brought for the bake sale. They were made aware of the numbers on the coins. As they came in, they had different combinations and amounts. We looked at these combinations and tried to make other combinations to make the same amount. They had the opportunity to see that 2 Euro could be one coin or two 1 Euro coins. It could also be one 1 Euro and two 50 cents. We also had one student with a 5 Euro note. I asked some students to show me how we can make 5 Euro using coins. They found three other ways of showing me 5. When we went to the bake sale, the students were given their money, and they had to tell the big kids what they would like to buy. They had to give the right amount of money or wait for change. If they had enough change, they could go back for more.

We also had some special visitors from Kindergarten. They are learning about making friends. We loved having them in our class.

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