Friday, 31 March 2017

This week in Preschool we continued learning about the lovely country Latvia. We were looking for patterns in clothes and also went on a trip to the Opera House.


Oak children continued discovering Latvian national ornaments, signs and symbols as well as traditional clothes. Our focus this week was to inquire into nowadays clothes and comparing them to traditional clothes people were wearing a long time ago. We were trying to find out if there is any difference! 
During Art, lesson children made their special traditional mittens and socks using a foam board printing technique. 
This week we also celebrated Matej’s Birthday. He turned 4! Happy Birthday, Matej!!!
On Friday we were visited by the Teddy Bear Hospital, and students from the Riga Stradins University were guiding our children into the magical and surprising life of doctors.  
To end up the week on a positive note – all the children were enjoying the Pizza Friday! 


This week we tried to use a few sunny days at the beginning of the week for our explorations of Latvian signs. After the quiet time, the children went outside, found the sign they were interested in and drew it on asphalt with colourful chalks. 
The children started to work with clay and next week we’ll learn how clay is used in traditional Latvian pottery.  Bigger boys expressed interest in weaving. Please, see the preschool blog pictures!
During morning time free play the children demonstrated incredible creativity while turning a piece of traditional Latvian fabric into the river Daugava and building bridges over it!
The end of the week was absolutely great with the visit of Teddy Bear Hospital! We all – students and teachers, enjoyed it!


Our week was too short for everything we wanted to do. The shop has been a central focus of the children's play in the class. It is lovely to hear them negotiate to buy and sell. They have been working on their socialising, math skills and so much more.
This morning (Friday) we went on our second field trip. Although it was not a sunny day, we had a fantastic time. We went to the National Opera house and park. It was incredible to hear the children notice the patterns all around them as they stepped off the bus. They have also been making good connections with our previous unit "Shadow and Light". One of the main statues, as we arrived in the park, was of Maris-Rudolf Eduardovich Liepa he was a Latvian ballet dancer. The children soon found that his figure was showing his shadow. 
When we returned to school, the Teddy Bear Hospital was waiting for us. The student doctors soon sorted out all our sick toys and taught us more about what they do. 

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