Friday, 10 March 2017

New Unit of Inquiry is coming up.

This week was our last week of exploring the unit of inquiry “Shadow and Light”. The Early Years students have discovered light, colours and shadow and their connection with the objects and the world. Have a look at what our little students have been doing this week?

This week students continued to explore a rainbow and reflected about it in many ways. They were excited to learn a song about the rainbow and created colourful pictures. It all started with painting pasta with colours, and afterwards, children were eager to use this rainbow art material to express their creativity and imagination. Students also developed skills in weaving by building a rainbow from colourful ribbons. The feeling of spring also was brought inside of our classroom and the little ones painted beautiful flowers. Enjoy our art gallery on our blog!
Click on this link: It’s a song about a rainbow. Sing along with your child and enjoy it!

This week Maple children had a chance to reflect on what they have learned about shadows and light. With the help of teachers, they filled in “a reflection form”, where they had to answer three questions: 1. What light sources do you know? 2. What do we need to see a shadow? 3. What do you know about a rainbow?
Since the weather was very changeable, the children had fun with the snow outside as well as experiencing the spring feeling by painting wonderful tulip bouquets!
Bigger children discovered our number mats and created their own number path from them!
The last day of the week was Laima’s birthday. She turned 5. Happy Birthday, Laima!

As this was our last week of our unit Shadow and Light, we started our summative assessments. At the beginning of the week, we finished our work on rainbows.
Ms Valda came to our class for Art. We used pastels to draw the shadow of an apple. Drawing the shadow was a bit challenging for us but great fun as we have never worked with pastels before.
While working with numbers, we focused on the number 6 and 9. We counted lots of buttons, and Vojta managed to count to a 100.
This week we celebrated Ekaterina's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday, Ekaterina!

Next week we are starting our next unit "Lovely Latvia".

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