Friday, 24 March 2017

Lovely sunny weather in lovely Latvia

This week the children have continued exploring Latvia. They have been on walking trips and some even went on a bus.

Forest trip
We began this week with the Forest trip for the older children. We went on the first day of Spring Monday, March 20,! According to Latvian traditions, this is the day bears wake up from a long winter sleep. We read the book “We are going on a bear hunt,” at the beginning of our forest adventure and then started to search for the bear. As it happened we found the bear cave and, possibly, his house, but, luckily,  the bear was gone. We decided to become bears ourselves and played bear games, we built a bear house and even danced a bear dance! It took a lot of thinking, researching and cooperation! It was awesome even despite a little drizzle of rain!

We had so much fun learning about money in Linden class this week. The week started with some of the five-year-olds selling the dolls corner food. They struggled to figure out how their friends will pay for their food. After lengthy discussions, they asked us to print money for them, but now how do you earn money? The decision was made that they can only make money if they cut the money pieces out themselves. A great discussion took place as they set up a real shop in the greenhouse. They labelled their foods and invited others to buy from them. The younger students soon learned that they need the correct amount of money to be able to buy food. On Wednesday the older students found that they had so many customers that they were running out of products. They had to negotiate with the children in the house corner to buy products for their shop. They found this hard because they did not want to spend their money. On Thursday morning they were met with a new challenge. They had to earn money by learning some of the Latvian symbols. During all of this, we have been adding, subtracting and even multiplying.

This morning (Friday) we went on our 1st field trip by bus. The children were really excited. We went to the park in front of the Riga Presidential Palace. We got stuck in traffic on the way there and then had to take the long way across the bridge. This made such a difference to our trip. We could see the skyline of Riga and were able to count all the amazing towers. At the Presidential Palace, we went on a bit of a hunt to find parts of buildings and statues. It was so great to hear these little once noticing detail, sharing what they have seen with their friends and so much more. Next week we are going to the National Opera and Freedom monument.

We continued explorations of Latvian signs and symbols using everything we have in the class: pictures of these signs; at our roundtable children could draw these signs and then add rocks, shells, acorns, marbles and so on. We also looked at some of the traditional clothes and found out that they have certain patterns. Girls loved to dress up in traditional Latvian skirts! During our circle time, we began to learn a few Latvian songs and singing games.
On Wednesday we went on another walking field trip to the river Daugava. This time we wanted to find out whether the President is in the castle or not. How do we know if he is in the castle? Ask your children.
Our friend Simeon turned 5! Happy birthday, Simeon!

This week we began to look closer at different Latvian national costumes. How colourful and different they are! So many different crowns and traditional pins! We found out that girls skirts can be plaid or stripy! Children started to create their own “tautu meitas” (Latvian girls) using various traditional fabrics and materials.
On Wednesday we celebrated Evas Birthday! Everyone made a nice picture for her and gave a big hug, Eva also received a beautiful princess crown. She was happy to share delicious doughnuts with her classmates. Happy 3rd Birthday, Eva!
On Thursday and Friday, we enjoyed the beautiful and sunny weather outside! We looked at the spring signs and listened to the bird's songs!

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