Friday, 3 March 2017

Can You See a Rainbow?

I can see something. It has seven colours. What can it be? How can we find it? Can we use a flashlight? This week the Early Years students explored a rainbow through different activities.
All week long we had Shadow readers visit our students and read books. The children tried to guess who might be hiding behind the white curtain and whose voice and shadow looks familiar to them.
Thank you to all Shadow readers! Lots of magic and smiles filled the Yellow room in the mornings!

Friday has arrived, and you can read our weekly update about the week in Oak class. What did we explore and what did they focus on this week? I will give you all a clue. It occurs when raindrops and the sunshine cross paths, it is connected to the number seven. Yes, you are right. That's a rainbow!
Children explored a rainbow because that's part of the light. They were curious to look for a rainbow throughout the glass prism using a flashlight. Lots of students found it but also through creative tasks they learnt about it like painting a rainbow and learning about the seven colours of the rainbow.
This Thursday our art teacher Ms Valda visited us, and students explored shadows of an apple through the creative tasks.

You can watch this short movie ( on YouTube together with your child and try to make your own rainbow. Spring and summer are coming up!

We had a colourful week in Linden this week. We explored rainbows. The best rainbow we could make by ourselves was using an old CD, a flashlight and a dark room, but this did not stop us from exploring other ways of making a rainbow. We tried mirrors and water, and whenever the sun popped out from under the clouds, we tried to catch its rays to make a rainbow. We watched a lovely little video that helped us understand light and rainbows. ( )

We know that rainbows have seven colours. We also know that there are lots of colours around us that we can't see, we can only see the colour when light bounces off the object.  We took part in different art activities during the week. We learned colour words and did colour sorting activities. We have learned a song about the colours of the rainbow.
The older students have started making play plans. They have to think about their play and plan for it. We talked about what they think play is and we tried to figure out what it means to have a plan. If you would like to see our play plans, please visit our class.

What an exciting week! After the week of holidays, the children were willing to continue their explorations of shadows and light. That was incredible to listen to their discussions about the rainbow after finding colourful reflections from the CD on the ceiling! 

Two mornings the children were busy with creating little pictures from loose parts, and we are very proud of our art gallery!

We had two birthday celebrations in our group. Our Alexander and Georgs are BIG boys now! We also have a new classmate – nearly three-year-old Finnish boy Viliami. He is an open minded, self-directed and confident boy who is eager to learn and grow together with other preschool children!

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