Friday, 10 February 2017

The Colours Around Us?

What an exciting week full of new discoveries. It was wonderful to have the sun out this week which helped to extend our learning about light, reflections and colours. On Friday morning the Maple students together with their friends enjoyed an assembly about the day and night! Children reflected about the night and day, and discovered lots of new discoveries during this great assembly! Thank you! 

This week was busy in our class! Students continued to explore light and shadows. Shadows can look so different depending on how you look at them! They were surprised to discover that one object can make different shadows by moving it around. In one moment it looked like a tree, but then it looked like a house.
During their explorations of light, some students came up with a game "Catch the Light". Catching the light can bring so much fun for everyone!
There are light and shadow! What about colours around us? Students also were curious to find out more about them by creating colourful tissue paper collages and drawings and observing them through the glass.

We continued learning about shadows and reflections this week. We read the story “How to catch a star” by Oliver Jeffers. This lead us to explore the painting “Starry Night” from Vincent van Gogh. The children tried to recreate a few of his paintings. We have also been making connections with the letter sound /s/.
This week we have been able to explore reflection because of the lovely sunny weather. We have found lots of sun bunnies in the class due to mirror balls hanging around the room. Thursday during lunch the children found a very strange reflection on the ceiling, and it was blue. We tried to find the source of this reflection. After a long search, we discovered that the reflection was the blue mirror near the whiteboard. This was so exciting because we learned that we could change the colour of the reflection depending on what mirror we use. We can make it go bigger and smaller. We can change the shape depending on how we turn the mirror. We also discovered that depending on how we turn the mirror we could see other objects and not just what is right in front of the mirror. We also learned that mirrors are made from glass and did you know that your watch can also make a sun bunny because of the glass.

What a great week! We put the water tray on our light table, and it added lots of excitement to children explorations! They were still willing to learn more about the rainbow. The Maple students explored colours by creating their own rainbows with black paper, nail polish and water.
Emils surprised everyone with his discoveries of the reflection of light. Finally, the sun was shining, and we were able to play the game “Catch the sunshine!”
Another great finding of the week – we started a build– draw – build project. Older boys from Maple class were proud to talk about their projects in front of their classmates!
Our letters of the week were /s/ and /d/.

Reminder: Next week we will have a Science, Design and Technology week at ISR. There are a lot of amazing things happening around the school.
The week will start with an Assembly on Monday at 8:45. All preschool students should go straight to the big school for the onset of the day. Class teachers will meet their students in the lunchroom at 8:15 and will walk to the gym at 8:30.

Parents are welcome to stay for the Assembly!

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