Friday, 3 February 2017

Technology and Art as the Tool of Exploration.

There are so many new discoveries about light and shadows taking place in the Early Years classes. How can the Early Years students explore this exciting unit of inquiry? What can you find at home to explore shadows and lights?  

This week the Oak students continued to explore shadows. It was an exciting game for them to try and guess and recognize their classmates’ shadows on the wall. Whose shadows did they see? What colour were their shadows and how did they look? Students came up with the answer that shadows were black and some reminded them of an animal such as rabbit.
A short movie about stars ( and the element of art was brought in as a tool of exploration for this unit of inquiry "Shadow and Light" in the classroom. Children looked at different paintings of one artist and shared their observations with the classroom teacher.  They noticed night, stars, light and planets in paintings. By being reflective students, they created their paintings of stars as the source of light in the evening. Afterwards, they made an amazing discovery! Their art was glowing in the dark. Children used flashlights and saw lots of shiny stars in the dark! Enjoy our art gallery in the hallway!
On Monday we also celebrated Seoyun's 4th birthday. Happy birthday to you, Seoyun!

This week Maple group children explored light & shadows with the help of a projector. The children found different ways of making reflections on the white board (please, see the pictures). Another way of exploring colours and light was through art projects. The children observed paintings of real artists and then drew their own pictures on translucent paper. Later they were able to see what happens to their drawings on the projector and at the window. After watching a little video about Day & Night, the children came up with great ideas of how to make a rainbow (please, see these artworks on our display board.)
This week was special because we continued our Language program. All children reviewed the letter sounds /m/ and /a/.
This week was outstanding for our friend Roberts – he turned 5! Happy Birthday, Roberts!

This week in Linden we continued exploring our unit “Shadow and Light”. Our focus was on mirrors, and we started thinking about reflections. The children found that reflections are just another form of a shadow. To help us in our explorations we watch a short video about a little bear who saw his reflection in the water for the first time. Because the movie is in Russian, the children were encouraged just to observe what is happening to the bear. We had an excellent discussion about what they have noticed in the movie. Please take the time over the weekend to have a look at the short movie with your child.
Next week we will look a little bit deeper into the feelings of the little bear and the way his reflection reacted.
We also explored the idea of symmetry. We looked into mirrors and found that what is on one side is also on the other side. We looked at patterns to conclude that it goes on and on if we put it next to the mirror. The children were also invited to discover that what is on one side of our face is also on the other side. The children were given a photo of half their face and had to draw the other half. This was a lot of fun, and lots of discussions took place.

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