Friday, 17 February 2017

Science, Design and Technology Week at ISR.

It has been an exciting week for everyone at school! Monday morning started with an assembly in the big gym. Students watched how Elephant's toothpaste was made by mixing different liquids. At the end of that experiment, there was so much toothpaste. For sure elephants need a significant amount of toothpaste for cleaning their teeth!

On Tuesday morning Grade 9 students visited us, and together with them, children learnt to express themselves through science and music. Beautiful ballet music inspired them to create a variety of movements. Guess what? The Little ones noticed something. Shadows moved the same way as they moved! How can it be? 
Following days Oak students explored shadow puppets by learning how to create them and make shadows in the light on the wall. What is a shadow puppet? Can you name them? Oak students came up with different characters such as snail, butterfly, flower, bus, black car or airplane.
There was also a little cardboard camera set up on the table. The Oak students observed different objects and their shadows through it. You can discover so many new things during the Science, Design and Technology Week and everything is connected! Just explore and wonder! 

This week Maple group children started the week watching a little video about shadows.  it certainly brought up questions about our own shadows. The children had fun recognising their shadow shapes on the screen, as well as drawing the shadows of their constructions. Some of our students even created a little shadow puppet theatre!
Another great learning experience of the week was creating transparent treasure boxes! What a creative approach! Later the children observed their treasure boxes on our light table together with their classmates! Please, see the pictures in the school blog!

We started our Science, Design and Technology week with the Assembly over at the big school. We had some visitors from Brussels, and we were excited to see what experiments they were going to present to us. We enjoyed watching them make the elephants toothpaste, but we had great fun when they asked us all to make paper planes. We found out that El─źna in our class is an expert at making paper planes.
In class this week we were exploring how we could use our shadows to tell stories. We tried to make shadows on the whiteboard with our hands and toys. We made photos of these shadows which we then used to create puppets to tell the stories. We are busy making and re-telling the three little pigs.
On Tuesday Ms Ginta came to visit us and because it was a beautiful, warm, sunny day we went outside to explore our shadows outside. The children drew their shadows in the morning and returned after the quiet time to see if their shadows were still the same. They discovered that their shadows have not only changed, but it has also moved. In class, they have already made the connection that they need light to make shadows. A few of the students has now started to make the connection that we need the sun to make shadows outside. We will continue exploring the sun and shadows when we return from ski-break. (If we have more sun.)
This week is also a bit of a sad week for us as our friend Jakub and his family are leaving us. We want to wish them all of the best in their new adventure. Jakub, we will miss you!

We wish you an excellent Ski break! See every one of you on the 27th of February!