Friday, 13 January 2017

Shadow and Light. Where Does it Come From?

It’s great to see the Early Years students back at school after the Winter break. New Year 2017 has arrived and also our new unit of inquiry “Shadow and Light” has begun on Monday. While exploring this unit of inquiry, the children were surprised to see their school without any lights inside. Why was it dark inside? Why did they have to use flashlights for walking around in the classrooms? We hope they will find all these answers through this new unit. The central idea is the light which enables people to see shadows, reflections and colours. The exploration of light has begun in each Early Years class:

For the Oak students that were a big surprise seeing their classroom as a dark room without any light. How could they see anything around them? Students felt curious and a real exploration of the light begun by having flashlights in their hands. They discovered the space around them and how the light moved when they moved their flashlights. Some of the students even noticed beams of light on the classroom walls, including the ceiling and floor. Children also learnt how to control the beam of the light when shining it on specific objects. Where will this new unit lead students and what will they discover? You can find out in the next couple of weeks! 

It was so lovely to welcome the Linden students back to school. That was fun to hear all about their holidays and what Santa brought them for Christmas. We have also been fortunate to welcome Alexandra and Dariia to our class. We hope they will be very happy in our class.

Linden class have started this semester in wonder. When we arrived at school on Monday, the whole school was dark. Why and what could we do about it? How will we see? The children soon found the flashlights and started exploring. The kids started noticing that the flashlights aren’t as bright and it is not so dark outside. We were looking for the sun but could not see it. We realised that the sun is on the other side of the clouds. On Wednesday we had a lovely sunny day, and it was exciting to come from outside to see the class covered in shiny dots. We found that the sun is shining on the mirrors and that is making the lights on the walls but we are not quite sure why this is happening yet. 

What an exciting start of the New Year! 
The classroom is dark. There is no light at school. What to do? Flashlights! How to use them? What can we see on the white wall with the torch? What is it? What do we call it? When will the light come back? What brings the light? Which colours are light, which ones are dark?
So many questions to answer! We will need time to find the answers.
We already found out that the night is dark and the day is light and some colours can be transparent on the light table, however the black colour is not! What will we found out the next week?
We have a new friend joining the Maple group. Nora is 4; she is from Egypt. Welcome to our class!

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