Friday, 15 September 2017

Travellers in the Preschool.

It was Monday morning and the Early Years students started to arrive at school, they spotted a cardboard box on the bench outside in the playground. What was inside of it? Some of the children opened the box, and there they were...two big snails and one little snail. Where did they come from? Students found out that these snails travelled 120km from Roja to Riga. The children were curious about them and started to explore the snails by touching the shells on the snails' backs. Some of the students knew that snails like to eat lettuce or leaves. The little ones also discovered that snail’s eyes are two tentacles. It’s great to have new friends at school and learn about them! Thank you Māra’s mom for inviting these travellers to school!
Besides exploring snails, children also have been looking for other mini beasts on the playground. They found spiders and ants. Why? Our new unit of inquiry “Minibeasts” has started this week. During the next couple of weeks, the Early Years students will find out about the different kinds of mini beasts through this unit of inquiry.
While exploring snails, ants and spiders, the little ones also discovered the water and soap.  What happens when you mix those two substances using a whisk? They saw the white foam. Did you know, reader, that it is possible to make chocolate foam cake? What’s the recipe? Discover it!

On Friday afternoon the Preschool’s assembly took place in the big gym! The Early Years students presented what they have learnt during their morning circle time. They invited their families and all classes starting from Kindergarten up to Grade 12 students. Singing and dancing filled the gym! Thank you for coming to our assembly!

P.S. Children are still learning how to play in the learning centers in the classrooms. There is so much to learn from each other! Our older children are demonstrating how to be caring towards younger friends by helping them to get dressed and undressed before and after outside time.

Are you interested in knowing how young children learn? Last school year we started information coffee mornings for Preschool parents. This is where you can find out more about our programme and ways to support your child’s learning at home. The first sessions were about young children learning and early literacy. We will repeat these sessions and add new ones this year. The first coffee morning will be on Friday, 22nd of September, “Young Children Learning.” Everyone is welcome, especially new families and those who could not attend last year.

Our first forest school field trip will take place this Monday, September 18. Older students are going on a field trip to the Forest at ‘Bumbu Kalniņš’. Please, dress your child accordingly to the weather!

On the Playground.




Friday, 8 September 2017

Settling Into School.

This week in the Early Years the children continued settling into school. The children enjoy being in mixed age groups where they can learn from each other and also develop different self - management skills like washing hands or picking up toys. It is great to see students getting familiar with their classroom routines and developing a sense of being part of their class!
There are so many new things for the children to learn while being outdoors at school! Why? The outdoors is the best place for the Early Years students to: 
   ·   Practice and master their emerging physical skills like running or jumping;
·        Develop communication skills and vocabulary;
·  Develop new relationships which include getting to know their friends at school;
·        Develop their five senses.
You can find more info about the importance of outdoor play by clicking on this link below:

During the sports lessons outside on the playground little students were courageous and tried to cross the wooden bridge. Watch out for the crocodiles! They learnt how to jump on two legs and played the bean bag toss! 

The Oak students enjoyed discovering different learning centers by playing with a variety of toys in the classroom. Some of the students were developing their fine motor and thinking skills by putting an easel together while other students were eager to make play dough. They counted how many cups of flour, salt and water they should add into the bowl for making the play dough. It’s great to be at school! 

Maple children are happy to explore learning centers in the classroom! What fun it is to set up the table together with their friends, search for mini - beasts in the sand tray, build a castle from bricks and blocks, play different games during our circle time together with Monkey George, count in the counting center and more and more…Coming to school is fun!

Our first weeks in Linden were full of sunshine, lots of new friendships, explorations and lots of discoveries were made in this big world named Preschool. We spent most of our time outside, developing our gross motor skills while joining the whole preschool morning circle, which was enjoyed by all. The children spent their time outside painting with water, exploring the sand toys and getting to know each other on the playground, as well as singing and dancing together.
In our Linden classroom, we started the school year by establishing our daily routines and getting used to our daily schedule. The children got acquainted with the new whole pre-school snack/lunch room and worked on developing independence while setting the tables, as well as cleaning up after themselves. The children also learned to take care of their “buddies”, as we divided them in “care pairs” – the oldest preschool students are taking care of their younger peers or the newcomers. They helped each other during the transition times while getting dressed in the coatroom and while crossing the street to and from the “big playground”.. We are excited to see our students establish new friendships and discover the joy of helping each other.