Friday, 9 December 2016

Getting Ready for the Winter Festival.

It is hard to believe that we are almost at the end of another year and halfway through our school year. This week the Early Years students have been getting ready for the Winter Festival, which will happen next Thursday, December 15. Rehearsals with singing and making decorations have filled our little students’ hearts with joy and happiness!

The Oak students enjoyed making decorations and created amazing white and sparkly ornaments for our special Christmas tree in the Early Years.
During circle time together with their teachers, they explored sounds by using different resources from nature. Students even built their own musical instruments and filled the classroom with melody.

Maple group children were busy to explore the new classroom set up for the fairy tale “The Gingerbread Man”. Our castle transformed into a Gingerbread house, the storytelling center changed completely and brought in lots of excitement!
Our friend Charlotte turned 3! Happy Birthday, Charlotte!
Christmas time is near, and Maple group children also helped Santa’s elves to make decorations for our school’s Christmas trees.
Maple group children participated in the whole school charity project “Doctor Clown” and made wonderful Christmas pine cones! These pine cones will be sold in Christmas market in “Spice” and money will be used for Children Hospital.

It is nearly Christmas, and in Linden, we had fun making Christmas decorations for our class and the big school Christmas tree. We have been practising for the Winter Festival and have been enjoying singing Christmas songs. We have been writing letters and making our wishlist for Santa.

This week was the last week of our story unit. We ended the week with our summative assessment. It was lovely to hear the students retelling the stories using props or story books.

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