Friday, 11 November 2016

The Magic of Snow.

On Monday the Pre 2 age students went to the forest. Great excitement was felt by all as there was a thick layer of snow on the ground. We walked through snow that was up to our knees. The children had time to play in the snow. They rolled down the hill and went on a plastic snow sledge that Elina brought. It was great to see how the children organised themselves and made sure that everybody got a turn to slide down the hill. We tried to make an igloo with the KG students. Lunch was very special as we made a fire and cooked some sausages and had it on a slice of bread. Because it was so cold and wet we returned to school earlier.
Thank you to everyone who brought or sent pictures for our Preschool Latvian Heart! It looks great and you will see it in the big school during our celebrations on November 16.

This week Oak students started to create a gigantic beanstalk continuing to explore the fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk". Let's see how big it will grow in the next couple weeks!
Inspired by having so much snow outside, children painted snowy pictures and watched a story "Snowy Day" written by Ezra Jack Keat. They were curious to reveal the mystery of disappearing snowballs. The science of snow can be so much fun for preschoolers!
On Wednesday we were invited by Maple students to watch a little play "The Princess and the Pea". Thank you for the lovely play, Maple students!

The snow brought few corrections into our learning activities. Maple children experimented with snow and ice by bringing it in and making predictions of what will happen if we keep it inside. The children also observed melted snow and discovered that it is not so clean and white like it seemed outside. These discoveries helped us to discuss whether it is good or not to eat the snow and ice during outside time.
The children were happy to perform our fairy tale “The Princess and The Pea” for our friends from Oak and Linden groups. As a part of our explorations, the children were asked to touch different items, and we broadened our vocabulary with words like – bumpy, smooth and rough. The children practised their writing skills by using our big prewriting posters.
Our next fairy tale will be “The Mitten!”
This week our friend Katrina turned 5! The cake was yummy! Thank you!

Our story of the week was The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We took part in different activities to help us explore a variety of ways of retelling stories. We made puppets of the characters and used them to share the story with our friends, the focus was on our cutting skills, we are becoming superb cutters in Linden. We took the time to investigate bridges. The children were asked to think about how they could make a bridge across the river and on Thursday they were challenged to repair an old bridge that was across our sensory table.

We also had the opportunity to explore some of the amazing icicles that were hanging from the roof. Ms Andurette brought an icicle from outside and covered it with a towel. The children had to use their sense of touch to feel and guess what was under the towel. We could also put our hands under the towel; this was freezing. We very soon guessed it was ice. We found out that ice forms when it is very cold. When it gets a little warmer, the snow starts to melt but because it is freezing the water forms icicles as it drips off the roof or trees. There was a piece of branch in our icicle, and the only way to get it out was to let the icicle melt. We now know that water forms ice and ice melts when it gets hot. The melted water can turn into ice again when you put it somewhere cold.

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