Friday, 25 November 2016

See You Soon, Forest!

On Monday our older children went on the last Forest school field trip this year. The snow was gone, and they enjoyed the late autumn forest once again. The children went to look for the bear’s house since they learned about the three bears from the fairy tale. They found several birds’ houses on trees, few holes in the ground and an ants’ hill but … good or bad – no bears’ house! After a long walk around the forest, our friends from Grade 1 made a fire and together with them the Early Years students roasted marshmallows! Bye-bye forest! See you in early spring!

On the same day, the younger students enjoyed exploring different characters from the fairy tale "The Mitten" by playing with little toy animals and watching a little play together with students from the Maple class.

This week the Oak students together with their teachers noticed something different while looking at the magic beans which they planted last week. Some students made observations and said: "beans wake up and grow." Being inspired by participating in the Language Arts lessons, they practised pre-writing skills by writing different sounds, shapes and pictures in the salt tray. Writing can be so creative and fun!

This week Maple class welcomed a new friend – Caelum! He adapted to the new environment and new routines quickly and enjoyed his classroom and his classmates!

Our friend Lilu turned 3! Happy Birthday!

Maple students were still busy with the fairy tale “The Mitten”. The children expressed their creativity by making different mittens: they used paper with watercolours, they used colourful felt and decorated them with various small ornaments, and they just drew mittens and cut them out. We played out the story by using our self-made mittens and animals!

We had a very busy week in Linden. On Monday while the 4-year-old and older students went to the forest for the last time this semester the little ones explored the rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep.

This week we read the story of the Little Red Hen. We learned that we have to be helpful if we want to join in the fun. Vojta’s mommy came to show us how you make flour from wheat just like the Little Red Hen did. We then helped her make cupcakes from the flour. It was a lot of fun, and the cupcakes were yummy.

We also spent time reflecting on our portfolios this week. We worked with Ms Andurette to go through our portfolios and choose our favourite work. This morning we spent time with our buddies to have a walk through our portfolios. We did a really great job.