Friday, 9 September 2016

We Are Happy Preschoolers!

We would like to thank everyone for coming to our Meet the Teacher evening! We, teachers, enjoyed meeting you, getting to know each other a little better and sharing information about the school's daily schedule, events, procedures and policies.

Are you interested to find out what our little students have been doing this week? Lots of creative and fun activities have happened in all three classes!

Oak students have been busy exploring art through painting. This week our art teacher Ms. Valda visited us, and the children created original paintings which were full of imagination. Students shared different things in their paintings which they have noticed around them! They also enjoyed singing a song about five little ducks and counting how many ducks were left when one little duck decided to swim away.

The children were busy exploring Math concepts Big-Medium-Small and the same. We made our explorations through building tall towers and long caterpillars, measuring ourselves against three sunflowers which Ms Līga brought from her garden and painting pumpkins. These pumpkins traveled to our classroom from Roberts grandparents' garden! Thank you! We also measured our hand prints against baby hand prints and – guess, what we found out? Maple children expressed their creativity while painting outside. Enjoy our painting gallery!


This week in Linden class we had lots of fun learning about our bodies and we enjoyed singing “head shoulders knees and toes.” We also started exploring some feelings like happy and sad. We learned a new song with Ms Edite “if you are happy” We made paper plate faces to show how we are feeling. We were all really happy because it was Hanna’s butterfly party.

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