Friday, 2 September 2016

Settling Into Preschool Continues.

Students of Early Years have continued to settle well into preschool during this second week of school. Children have enjoyed being in mixed age groups where they can learn from each other, becoming a caring friend towards other classmates during the play time in different learning centers. It is great to see students getting used to their classroom routines and developing the sense of being a part of their class!

There was also a delightful visit of the Grade 9 students in Preschool on Tuesday! The Early Years children were surprised and again happy to meet their new big friends! They all together enjoyed some lovely playtime playing with building blocks and puppets and reading books! We’re looking forward to their next visit!

This week Maple group children continued to explore activity centers and new environment at school. The children were happy to participate in group explorations by playing with the play-dough and kinetic sand.

The Oak students enjoyed discovering different learning centers by playing with a variety of toys. Some students were courageous and helped Ms Loransa to make homemade play-dough and later all little hands were exploring it by squishing and making lots of holes in it. Children even made some doughnuts and play-dough pizzas. It is so much fun to play with play-dough at school!

This week in Linden we had fun starting to recognize and write our names and also making self-portraits. We are learning the names of our friends and how to play nicely together.  We enjoyed having the Grade 9’s visit to our class this week. They read stories and played with us.

We are looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday, September 8th, for the "Meet the Teacher'' evening!

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