Friday, 16 September 2016

Enjoying a New Daily Routine!

Another exciting school week has gone by in a flash. On Monday the older children of the Early Years went to the Forest within the Forest programme. It was a great success for everyone, both students and teachers had great fun. It was such an incredible learning curve for all involved! Students were looking for different natural items, and they found lots of forest treasures! It was wonderful to see students cooperating with each other by building houses, measuring sticks and mushrooms. It was so exciting to roll down the hill, climb the trees, swing and so much more! Have a look at our great photos on our website International School of Riga page on Facebook (!

On that day the younger children enjoyed exploring different toys and activities together with their teachers in the Early Years classrooms.

Besides the forest trip, all students were happy to participate in their first-morning assembly and enjoyed singing songs together with their teachers on Monday.

This week all Early years students took a part in different activities by following our new preschool schedule. Sports, yoga and rhythm lessons were filled with children smiles! 

Oak students focused on quality playtime in the Learning centers. They spent longer periods of time in one center, letting their creativity and inspiration reflect in their art works and buildings. Students also practised developing an important skill - the collaboration with each other during play time. Exploring the unit of inquiry “I am a preschooler,’’ the children created their self-portraits by getting inspired by the real photos of themselves. Please come and look at them in the Oak classroom!
The Maple children started to get used to our new classroom schedule. Bigger children have their sports activities separately from younger ones. Older children started their English language program in mixed groups. It seems that everyone enjoys new daily routines!
This week in Linden we have been looking at the colour yellow and exploring circles. The older, students four years and up, went to the forest on Monday, and they brought a bag of treasures back. On Tuesday we used our different senses to find out about the various things that came from the woods. The children were encouraged to copy and paint a photo that was taken in the forest.

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