Friday, 30 September 2016

Getting Ready For Book Week.

It’ Friday! Another week of school has gone! It was a busy and exciting week for everyone at Early Years. On Monday the older students visited the forest and explored math activities by looking for nature treasures, sorting them and creating numbers! Before going back to school, they were happy to roast marshmallows on the fire and enjoy every bite of it! Have a look at our forest video 
( and find out what Early Years classes have been doing this week:

This week besides our regular explorations in learning centers, Maple group children began to focus on our Book week book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” The children started to make their bear masks and Green Frogs. Next week we will be making a Blue Horse and a Pink Pig. Please, see the pictures!

Oak students have been busy exploring the unit of inquiry “I am a preschooler”. They discovered different emotions in the feeling posters and were eager to share their morning mood with other classmates. Students also enjoyed creating a variety of faces and feelings by creating portraits from colourful beads.

This week in Linden we started exploring different animals in preparation for Book Days. In Preschool we are focusing on the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. In our class, we looked at real animals vs. animals in stories. We played games and drew animals as we see them. We also talked about the colours and sound of different animals

Friday, 23 September 2016

Autumn Has Arrived!

Autumn has arrived! A season of colourful, falling leaves! Students have been noticing the leaves on the playground, and they are as beautiful as summer flowers! The children were also excited to find some real autumn treasures (round chestnuts) in the playground. They have been collecting, playing and counting them!
Have a look at what our little students have been doing this week enjoying school and welcoming Autumn?

This week Autumn reached the Oak classroom! Students were curious to discover different forest treasures on the table! They used their five senses by smelling and tasting apples and quinces! Children explored colourful autumn leaves by sorting them by size. Reflecting on autumn's colours and treasures, they became little painters and created pictures. Autumn can be so colourful!

This week in Linden class started looking at the changing colours outside. We continued to work with numbers to 5 singing number songs. We also talked about our families and how all families could look different. This week we spend some time reminding ourselves about being kind and caring and what it means in the class environment.

Maple group children were happy to explore autumn treasures such as sun flower seeds, chestnuts, acorns, colorful leaves. As an art activity, the children looked at autumn leaves and painted maple leaves with watercolors. They built small and big group relations through numerous activities in our classroom learning centers. Please, see the pictures!

Reminder: Older students are going on a field trip to the Forest at ‘Bumbu Kalniņš’ on Monday, 26th September. They will leave the school at 9:15 am and will come back at approximately 2.00 pm in the afternoon.

We will celebrate Book days on Thursday (6th October 2016) and Friday (7th October 2016)! It’s an exciting day for the whole school community! Please talk to your child about their favourite book character! On Thursday everybody in the school will come dressed up as their favorite book character, and we will enjoy seeing all the different costumes during the big parade in the gym. The parade will start at 8:45 am!

We would love to have some parent readers visiting our classroom! If you would like to take part in this fun event, please let us know!