Friday, 26 August 2016

Welcome To a New School Year 2016/2017 in the Early Years at ISR!

The first week of school in the Early Years have been busy –preparation of the Oak, Linden and Maple classroom and teachers being involved in a  workshop about the play-based learning. Teachers can have so much fun playing and creating unique things! Look what we built! Our preschool is looking like this! Full of imagination, creativity and knowledge!

First school days started filled with excitement and exploration! It was great to see students arriving in the morning and becoming curious about their classrooms. They enjoyed playing with different toys and getting to know their new classmates and teachers.

The lovely and sunny weather also has spoiled us on this first week of school! Students loved to play outside every day and they were happy to create a beautiful garden by planting colorful fall flowers together with their teachers!We are looking forward to the next week when children will start to explore their new unit of inquiry "I am a Preschooler".

Have a wonderful weekend with your children and see you on Monday!

REMINDER: Everyone is welcome to join us for the Sausage Sizzle next Friday, September 2! More information will be sent out to you next week.