Friday, 20 May 2016

20 May 2016

As we are approaching the end of this unit and also the end of our school year, the Early Years children have been busily preparing for their assembly on June 6th (more information coming soon). They have considered all the fantastic facts they have found out about different mini beasts and everybody chose their own favourite, into which they will turn for the assembly.


Grade 1M invited us to come and see their recently hatched butterflies and the cocoons they have in their classroom. It was a very special to see the life cycle of a butterfly up close, thank you, dear Grade 1M!

We went on another forest field trip this week, too. There the children continued their blindfold challenge and forest detective inquiries and also discovered a big and busy ant hill! Ms Joel had joined us for this trip and prepared some sport activities using a very thick rope. In order to practise being safe in the forest the whole group split up in two and went on a mission to find new and unknown parts of the forest, sticking together all the time! Here is last weeks video, showing some of the activities that continued this week - and more:

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