Friday, 13 May 2016

13th May 2016

The weather has really spoiled us this week! We spent a sunny and warm day in the forest on Tuesday, where the children discovered many different mini-beasts and enjoyed themselves immensely. The greatest hit was an activity called “The blind rope”: the children followed the trail of a rope blindfolded and became mini-beast detectives again at the finish line.

On Monday two ladies from the organisation “Drošā māja” visited us in the yellow room to talk about their work with refugee children. They taught us games and songs which they sing and play with the children at the refugee home and we gave them the money we raised during our bake sale. They were very happy and promised to buy some balls and other outdoor toys for the refugee children.

In each classroom many unit related activities have taken place. Some of the favourites have been making plasticine pictures of mini beasts, sharing mini-beast drawings during show and tell, pretending to be a centipede during the music lessons and much more.

Two girls in Maple have had a birthday lately! Ulyana and Ella both turned 3, Happy birthday, girls!

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