Friday, 8 April 2016

8 April 2016

Welcome back after the break! Spring has sprung and we have started our new Unit of Inquiry - “Mini Beasts”.

Central idea: We share our immediate environment with various mini beasts.

Lines of inquiry:
  • Various mini-beasts. (Form)
  • Our dependence/the importance of mini beasts to humankind (Perspective)
  • Our responsibility towards mini beasts (Responsibility)

On Tuesday we started our inquiries in the forest. The children became nature detectives and went on a quest of finding and identifying different mini beasts and other features of the forest. They brought their curiosity back to school and have found plenty of little mini beasts in and around ISR since.


Linden students have been reading a book "The Curious Garden" that tells a story about a city that was a dreary place without any greenery… Until one day a boy finds a little garden and starts taking care of it. This story inspired us to plant our own garden in the classroom and observe how it grows! You have to be very, very patient...
We have also been observing the nature slowly waking up after winter sleep. We noticed nice green buds on the tree branches right outside our window! As the trees and plants wake up something else also wakes up and draws our attention!! Little mini beasts!  

Many more activities and good reflections have taken place in all four classrooms. Take a look:

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