Thursday, 28 April 2016

28th April 2016

Thank you to all children, parents, grandparents who attended the Student Led Conferences on Saturday. The classrooms were buzzing busily as our preschoolers shared their learning journeys and parents took a wonderful interest in everything that happens in our classrooms.

This week, we continued our Unit of Inquiry on Mini Beasts. Some classrooms focussed on butterflies, exploring everything from their life cycle to the symmetry of their wings.
The children have also shown a great interest in snails, spiders and bees, inquiring about them both while browsing through books and during hands-on and art activities. During a rainy Outside time on Tuesday, many earthworms crawled out of the soil and into the hands of our curious preschoolers.

Some of the children’s other all time favourite activities are building blocks and sharing their artworks during show and tell.

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