Monday, 18 April 2016

18th April 2016 - International Days

Last week was very special, we celebrated International Days at ISR. On Wednesday everybody joined up with the children and teachers from their country and we walked in a colourful parade through the gym. More than 40 different nationalities were represented!
But during International Days we celebrate not only our diversity, but also learn what we all have in common.

The Early Years teachers read "The Journey" by Francesca Sanna to the children, a story about a family having to leave their home because of a war. The children asked many questions and shared their thoughts about how they could help people like the characters in that book. They even offered to share their own toys with them! In the end the children suggested to give some money so that they could buy what they need and in order to raise money we decided to hold a bake sale! Therefore lots of baking activities happened in the Early Years building and on Friday some representatives from each class sold their cupcakes and other goodies to the Primary Years students. All together we raised around 215 Euros which we will donate to refugee families in Latvia.

On Thursday, eyes widened when we went to see the tables from so many different countries. Thank you, dear parents, for sharing interesting facts and delicious treats with us! Later that day, some of our young students courageously stepped on the big stage and performed in front of the whole school during our International Days concert.

Naturally, we continued our Unit of Inquiry last week, too. Every day the children discover more and more mini beast around the school. 

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