Friday, 4 March 2016

4th March 2016

The week started off with a little opening party in our new building! Mr Chalkly welcomed students, parents and teachers and invited everyone to fill these walls with our very own spirit to make it our school! Ms Ginta then shared a special Latvian spring tradition, by presenting each class with a bouquet of pussy willows. According to folklore we have to (gently!) hit each other with those twigs and say “Sickness out, health in!”. Let’s hope it will bring us good luck! We continued the celebration with some ice cream and a traditional Latvian cake called “Klingeris”. Yum!

Despite being now further away from the rest of the school, we still want to stay true to our mission statement and be part of the learning community at ISR. So on Thursday the Grade 8 students came over to visit us in the morning.They have been studying the unit Responsibility and had a chance to practise what they had learned during some positive interactions with our little students. The Early Years children were delighted to have their new friends read books to and play with them! We’re looking forward to their next visit! 

Interested in some of the many learning activities, games and specialist lessons of this week? Take a look:


Noga celebrated her 5th birthday with us! Happy birthday, Noga!


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