Friday, 11 March 2016

11th March 2016

The Forest School is back! On Tuesday we went to our favourite spot in the woods again, for the first time this year. The children were thrilled to be back and enjoyed playing in the nature. Back in November we went to the forest to find the first snow of this winter, now we discovered what may well have been the last remains of this season’s snow! While we were eating snack, we saw geese in the sky migrating back North. So spring must be just around the corner. Winter or spring? Find out in the video and photos below!


We continued the teacher rotations, taking unit related activities to all classrooms. Everybody has now had a chance to inquire into traditional Latvian food, weaving, pottery and dancing games. What fun!

Collaborative learning across the age groups is essential for us. So we were happy to
welcome the grade 8 students back in our classrooms on Thursday (it was hard to tell who had more fun there!) and to meet Valdemars from grade 4 during outside time, who explained his model of a car made from cardboard to the Early Year children. 

Laima celebrated her birthday this week. She turned 4, which means that she will join us for the Forest School! Happy Birthday, Laima!

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