Thursday, 24 March 2016

24 March 2016 - Science and Technology week

It is science and technology week at ISR and in the Early Years we doubled this up with finishing off our Lovely Latvia unit by exploring eggs and their role in traditional Latvian spring celebrations. We conducted many fun "eggsperiments" like keeping two eggs in water and vinegar overnight (vinegar made the eggshell disappear!) and mixing eggs with water and heating it up in the microwave afterwards (it turned yellow and hard!), the children enjoyed playing with egg shells (great for their fine motor skills), made omelets (yum) and had fun singing and re-enacting the nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. We also saw quite a bit of what the older students are doing and had some visitors from the "big school" sharing their projects with us!

In Latvia people traditionally dye Easter eggs with onion skins and other natural materials. The children in each classroom tried this activity on Tuesday and the results were beautiful!

On Wednesday we all went to the Ethnographic Open-Air museum in Riga. We climbed a hill to scare away the winter witch, saying some old Latvian spells and trowing branches at her, and we invited the spring fairy to come. According to Latvian traditions, people should swing during the Easter celebrations, because that will keep mosquitoes from biting you in the summer. So we gave it a try! After some traditional dances and games, the children went on an enthusiastic Easter egg hunt! What a fun field trip!

The Oak children celebrated Matej's birthday on Friday, he will turn 3 on the weekend. Last week we also celebrated Simeon's 4th birthday. Happy birthday, boys!
Maple celebrated Helene's birthday, Birch celebrated Elisa's birthday and Linden students celebrated Ekaterina's birthday! Greetings to all of you young ladies! :)