Thursday, 11 February 2016

12 Februay 2016

This week teachers visited other classrooms in the morning and brought some exciting activities with them.  

The children opened a treasure chest full of pottery with Ms Ruta, who explained many features of traditional Latvian pottery, and later everyone had the chance to apply what they had learned by making cups, bowls and other things from real clay! 

Ms Ieva brought lots of excitement to the Maple room, as children were introduced to a selection of traditional Latvian food. Together they made butter by shaking milk and stirred and mixed oat meal porridge. Some of them thought it is only for babies… but after trying it they realized how delicious it is! Then students also grated potatoes for pancakes and made their own cakes from cookies. Mmm, delicious!  

Inspired by traditional folk costumes, the children explored the art of weaving with Ms Loransa, who provided plenty of looms, ribbons, yarns and other materials.

Ms Zoja taught the children new dances and singing games beloved by many generations of Latvian children! Please check the video below for a glimpse of this and many other activities.

On Wednesday the famous Latvian musician and music teacher Ilga Reizniece visited our children and they had a workshop on traditional Latvian music!

 Many more exciting inquiries and explorations have happened this week. Take a look!

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