Friday, 11 December 2015

11 December 2015

Two big Christmas trees have appeared in the school this week! The Early Years children were very excited to see them and enthusiastically created festive decorations all throughout the week.

We continued to explore feelings and develop a sense of empathy with the help of story books and different activities.

Some parents visited us this week to share winter traditions from their home countries. Helene’s dad told of St Nicholas and his friend Knecht Ruprecht who bring presents to the children in Germany on December 6th. Noga’s mum shared how they celebrate Hanukkah in Israel and explained the important role of light in this celebration. Thank you so much for contributing to the festive spirit of this beautiful season in the Early Years!

The Oak children celebrated Keita’s birthday on Friday! She was very proud to attach five candles to her cupcake on our wall and shared a yummy treat with her friends. Happy birthday, dear Keita!

Reminder: Winter Festival show, December 17, 1:30 pm in the gym
Dress code for Early Year children: elves hat (Santa hat) and festive clothes (meaning something you would want your child to wear on the stage)


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