Friday, 27 November 2015

27th November 2015

The children have been getting ready for their Student Led Conferences this week by looking back and reflecting on their learning journey since the beginning of the school year. We hope to see you all this Saturday, November 28th! Some good questions and prompts for the conferences include:
            Tell me about….
·         How does it feel like (is it soft, hard, …)?
·         What can you do with it?
·         I can see you are really good at…
·         What are you working on now?
·         Show me your favourite (activity, learning centre etc.)
·         How can I help you?
·         What are you most proud of?
·         It makes me proud to see that you...

On Tuesday we went on the last Waldkinder forest trip of this season. It couldn’t have been more beautiful: everything was covered with the first snow of this winter and the children were exhilarated! During snack, Ms Zoja read the story read the story “The snowy day” by Ezra Jack Keats which inspired the children to all kinds of games and explorations in the snow, leaving footprints and rolling snowballs and building snowmen. Enjoy the video below:

Our student teacher from Germany, Ms Linda, had developed a number of original activities connected to our Unit of Inquiry for the children this week. As part of her internship, she led realized them this week in the Oak group. Take a look at how she and the children explored the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood!

The Maple group children were exploring the rhyme “Row, row, row your boat…” They came up with many great ideas how to present this rhyme! We hope to share a few of these ideas at our student-parent-teacher conferences!

See you tomorrow!

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