Friday, 20 November 2015

20th November 2015

An unusual and exciting week has gone by. Tuesday was show time for everyone at ISR! The whole community came together in the gym to celebrate the 97th anniversary of Latvia’s independence by staging our very own traditional Latvian Song festival. All classes performed choir songs, folk dances and folk music. The Early Year children did an excellent job on the stage singing the traditional song “Audz pupa” in front of the whole school! 

The event was even broadcast live online, but if you have missed it (or just can’t get enough of it), you have the chance to watch the whole show online:
The next day, 18th November – the Latvian Independence Day and we all enjoyed a little rest after that exciting performance.
During the second part of this week, we focussed on our inquiries into stories, puppets and plays again. But let the photos and the video speak for themselves:


The Maple group celebrated William’s 5-th birthday. Happy Birthday, William – we all love you! 

In Oaks Aurora turned three this week! Happy Birthday, dear Aurora and thank you for the yummy cupcakes!

Reminder: Now that the weather is getting wet and cold, we would like to remind you that we will go outside in almost any weather (unless there is a terrible storm or it is too cold of course. Please check the parent handbook ( more detailed information).
Please make sure your child has appropriate clothes for rainy and snowy weather, including waterproof boots, rain/snow pants, waterproof mittens a waterproof coat and a warm hat and scarf. We would also like to ask you to keep a few extra pairs of socks and a pair of pants in your child’s cubby upstairs, so he/she has something to change into in case something gets wet after all.

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