Friday, 6 November 2015

06 November 2015

 We have started our new Unit of Inquiry!

Puppets an Plays

Transdisciplinary theme: How we express ourselves

Central idea: People can discover and express their feelings and ideas using puppets and dramatic plays.

And inquiry into:
-          exploring feelings, ideas and emotions
-          expressing feelings and ideas through action
-          retelling and creating stories through dramatic play

As you can see this unit will be all about puppets, plays and acting out stories. We introduced these ideas this week in many different ways. In the Oak room the children first watched a little play of Goldilocks and the three bears read and performed by their teachers and were then eager to explore the little stage and the puppets themselves. They have even already started to retell this and other stories, to act them out by themselves as well as displayed their great imagination by inventing their own stories with the puppets.

The Linden room and Birch room both read Room on the broom by Julia Donaldson this week and provided plenty of opportunity for the children to recreate the story with puppets and different props (partially made by the children themselves). They also enjoyed using the big tent in the Linden room as a stage for a real life puppet show and retelling stories in the Birch room by drawing them in sand or salt, an ancient tradition of the aborigines in Australia. 

The Maple teachers introduced the book Speak up by John Lockyer in which smaller animal try to talk to a giraffe who cannot hear them up there. After reading this story, the children got very engaged in discussing ways how the smaller animals could talk to the giraffe and eventually they settled for using a hot air balloon, which was promptly created from a basket and a balloon and eagerly used in their free play time.

We also started regular SfA lessons for the older students of the Early years as part of our Language Arts. The children were very excited to meet Alphie again and explore letters and their sounds together.

This week we celebrated four birthdays in the Early Years! Ava, Milans, David and Luīza loved their birthday crowns, celebrated with their classmates and shared delicious treats with them. Happy birthday to all of you!

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