Friday, 9 October 2015

9th October 2015 - Book Days

This week was very special indeed! On Monday it started with a wonderful treat for the teachers provided by the PTO for World Teachers day. Thank you so much for the delicious snacks, beverages and all the effort made to provide them. You really spoil us and we felt very appreciated!

Right from the beginning of the week not only in the Early Years, but in the whole school, excitement was mounting for the upcoming Book Days! On Thursday the children came to school dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had so many princesses, super heroes, knights, fairies, animals and other mystical beings all around the classrooms. What a sight! The children presented their costumes during our whole school parade around the gym and right afterwards they had the chance to share their character’s story with visiting students from kindergarten and Grade 1. The day continued all about books, as we read the story “We are going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen and, believe it or not, even the classrooms had turned into scenes from this wonderful, active story: the forest, the snowstorm, the river and the cave (with a bear in it!). We had so much fun acting it out several times throughout the Book Days! Furthermore, on both days parents came as surprise guest readers and shared their favourite books with their children and their friends. Thank you all for taking an active part in making these days so special!
Since the Early Year children did not participate in the School Sleepover, we celebrated a big pyjama party on Friday! Everyone could wear cosy pyjamas in school all day long and after outside time we had a big sleepover party with popcorn, marshmallows and even a catwalk on which the children could present their pyjama fashion!

In the Maple group the children continued their water explorations. They tried to find the answers to the question – How can we change water? Look, what they found! We can change the colour of water if we add water colours to it! We can change the water into ice even without waiting for winter time! If we put water in the fridge, it changes!

The Oak group celebrated Ilya’s birthday on Firday. He turned five and was very excited to add five candles to his (chocolate and vanilla flavoured) cupcake on our birthday wall and to share super hero cup cakes with his friends! Happy birthday, Ilya!

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