Friday, 2 October 2015

02nd October 2015

Reminder: Next week we will celebrate Book days on Thursday (8th October 2015) and Friday (9th October 2015)! So if you haven’t done so yet, now is the time to talk to your child about their favourite book character! On Thursday everybody in the school will come dressed up as their favourite book character and we will enjoy seeing all the different costumes during the big parade in the gym. If you would like to take an active part in this fun event, please contact the classroom teachers. We would be delighted to have some guests reading to the children!


We went on our second forest field trip this week. It was a very crisp morning, but by the time we arrived at our favourite clearing the sun had come out and we had a lovely time in the woods. The children immediately noticed a significant change – the whole forest was full of mushrooms! They went and explored all the different shapes, sizes and colours. On their last field trip the Kindergarten students had built a house from large sticks which was immediately used for some excellent imaginative play by the Early Year students. They collected little sticks and made a pretend fire in the “kitchen” of their new found house, decorated and rearranged the interior and developed their social skills by sharing and playing together. Later they had a chance to see their game become reality, when they helped to collect little sticks to start a real fire (this time of course operated by the teachers) on which we made hot chocolate as a treat for everyone after lunch. This was a great day!

Sand, Water, Gloop and Dough

In the Oak classroom we explored play dough more closely in small groups. The children tried mixing the dough with different amount of ingredients and discovered that it becomes an excellent, slimy gloop if you add too much oil. But we also managed to make a very smooth dough that we have played with all week. While playing some children started to notice that play dough sticks better to some surfaces than to others. A really active inquiry followed this discovery.
This has been another exciting week full of experiments and discoveries in the Linden classroom. It has been fun mixing flour, sugar, salt and food colour in the water. It was surprising to observe how sugar and salt disappear in the water. But did it disappear? Some of us tasted the water and it turns out it is still there, but you can’t see it! Wow! And we have also enjoyed making our own slop this week of just water and flour, adding food colours at the end observing changes it makes.
This week the children enjoyed working in our learning centres in the Maple classroom – they developed cutting skills, demonstrated thinking skills by sorting different groups of objects and also demonstrated research skills and creativity while exploring play dough and water centres.
Please watch our video to get a snapshot of the Birch group kids’  inquiry into bubbles. A great week of explorations, discoveries and fun. We learned how to make different kinds of bubbles, we  looked at their perfect round shape, and noticed that it changes if several bubbles touch together. We also discovered that one can see himself/herself on a bubble and it is called  reflection. This week we also gave a try to the observational art project, watch the video to find out the benefits of this art form, see the kids in action and admire their masterpieces.

The Maple group children congratulated our friend Joaquin on his 4th birthday! Now he really is a big boy! Happy Birthday, Joaquin!

Also Anna Līna had a birthday this week. As she turned four she was the first child in the Oak group to colour, cut and paste four candles to her birthday cupcake on the wall. Many more will follow throughout this school year! She also shared yummy little cupcakes with her friends. Happy birthday, Anna Līna!

 (Eseniya made Anna Līna wearing her birthday crown from play dough)

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