Friday, 4 September 2015

4th September 2015

The second week in the Early Years has flown by! We were all still busy settling in, getting to know each other and exploring the different classrooms and learning centers. We teachers were really happy to see that children are feeling ever more confident coming to school and we have made a good start for our year-long Unit of Inquiry “Growing Together”.
Today we are celebrating our whole School Sausage Sizzle, a wonderful opportunity to play, mingle, get to know new community members and catch up with old friends.
But now, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s time for a few lines from each of our four groups and some photos! Enjoy!


The children in the Oak group seem to have settled in well and enjoy coming to school. We introduced our new sign-up system for the different learning centers and the children proved to be excited and very principled about it. Way to go!
We made hand prints this week, so later on in the year we can tell how much everyone has grown. That was big and messy fun!
During or at the end of the school day we have had many opportunities to give out house points to children in the Oak group who have been caring, principled, courageous and knowledgeable. Well done, everyone!


This week Linden students have been busy learning about classroom rules and principles. They are now getting better at signing in on the Smart Board as they come in the mornings and then finding their picture in one of the 4 learning centres. However, we are still learning to spend some quality play time in those learning centres as well as clean-up all the things we were playing with.
One of this week’s highlight has been making a paper person that represents us. We chose and cut-out all the clothing by ourselves. Linden group is lucky to have so creative stylists!
During the morning circle times we have been singing couple of morning songs that help us to learn each other’s names as well as express our feelings. It is so nice to hear more and more students joining in and singing along.
At the end of the day we finish up with giving out house points for being principled, caring and balanced students. Well done, Linden!


Week 2 in Preschool/Maple! We all are exploring our environment: new toys, activities, teachers, and new friends! This week we were focusing on activities all together like painting shapes and cutting them out. 
We read books about what we can learn from our friends and what we can teach each other.


This week we provided lots of hand on activities for our students. There was clay set on a table for kids’ sensory and imaginative play. It was truly amazing to watch how kids discovered the substance and experimented with it – rolling it, kneading it, making prints with leaves and fabric, cutting and slicing, these are all very important activities for developing their fine motor skills (Did you know that research shows a clear connection between the development of fine motor skills in early life and later success in math, reading and science?). This sensory play also fosters kids’ creativity. We also noticed that the experiments and artwork become more detailed and in-depth as the week progressed.
We do have lots of kids’ photos around our class, but this week we encouraged the kids to make their own self-portraits. We provided a mirror to explore their faces, notice the colour of their hair and then try to reproduce their portraits on a paper. It was a multi-step project what required the use of different tools and materials. The kids used the rolling brushes for painting the background, drawing and cutting circle, gluing with glue stick and PVA glue, as well as drawing. We try to introduce the kids to a wide variety of techniques and materials to enable them to create their own original artwork at their free time later in the year.
It was another great week and we are very fortunate to have your kids in our class.

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