Friday, 25 September 2015

25th September 2015

This week our children continued to explore play dough in the Maple room. Finally the children mixed blue and yellow play dough and guess - were their predictions right? Yes, they got GREEN play dough. The next day they continued their experiments with mixing colours and tried to predict whether there will be GREEN if they mix red and yellow play dough. Guess what they found out? It became ORANGE!

The maple group children were happy to join The Birch and The Linden groups and participate in their researches! On Wednesday maples visited lindens who showed them all they had discovered about sand and water so far. They were all happy to explore and get their hands in sand! On Friday The Linden group came to explore the play dough together with Maple group children. We all had great fun! First steps in group cooperation!

Children from all classrooms were also welcome to explore gloop (a mixture of starch and water) in the Oak room. They were surprised to find that it keeps changing: first it is liquid, then it becomes hard, but if you mix it, it becomes liquid again. They also commented that it looked like milk and after reading the story book It looked like spilled milk by Charles G. Shaw the children used the gloop to reflect on the story.

After our visit in the forest last week, we have moved on to building more often with natural materials and blocks. The children have shown great focus and creativity. What a great way to reflect on this big exciting world around us!

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