Friday, 11 September 2015

11th September 2015

First of all we would like to thank everyone for coming to our Meet The Teacher evening. The sessions were well attended and we teachers left with the good feeling of having got to know each other a little better and having shared how we are working in the Early Years with you. For everyone who couldn’t attend, we will send out an email summing up the most important points of the meetings.
But now, let’s take a look at all the fun things that have happened this week!


We focussed on quality play time in the Learning centres this week again. The children are getting used to signing in at a centre and spending longer periods of time in one place, really getting their imagination going, practicing important skills and reflecting on what they have learnt.

At the end of this week we got ready for the two first birthdays of the school year in Oaks – by making cupcakes! We enjoyed them on Friday and have started to make decorative cupcakes for our classroom to mark everybody’s birthday.


We started by celebrating Hanna’s birthday on Monday. Happy Birthday, Hanna! And thank you for sharing delicious muffins with your friends.
This week we have been busy building high towers, playgrounds and houses by using all sorts of blocks in the construction area. We are getting better at spending quality time in our learning centres.
One of this week’s highlights has been exploring sand. We started by playing with dry sand, next day we added water. At first we added a little bit of water and observed how sand was changing and noticed that now it was easier to make sand cakes. However, we got carried away and ended up adding a lot more water. It was all messy, but great fun! We are ready to explore more next week. 


Maple group children continued to explore learning centres by playing in small groups! The children made yellow and blue play dough and now are looking forward what will happen if they will mix these two play dough’s together! The book “Little Blue and Little Yellow” by Leo Lionni as well as a cartoon based on the same story encouraged the children to make their predictions about what happens if they mix different colours. You are welcome to watch it at home together with your children! Here is the link We loved it!
Maple group celebrated the first Birthday – our friend Theodore turned 5! Happy Birthday, Theo!


What a creative and fascinating week! We continued exploring clay to get an understanding of our unit’s central idea: that things in the world around us move, change, disappear and surprise us. While the kids were rolling, pressing, pounding, shaping forming clay, we provoked them with various concept based questions (FORM - How does it feel? What color is it? What can you do with it? CHANGE – What happens when you press your fingers into it? How else can you change it? What happens if you leave clay on a table overnight? How can you make it soft again? CAUSATION – Why clay becomes hard?) Exploring clay stimulates sensory development, and it is also a play-based learning (we don’t give directions, we stimulate them by setting up various provocations), which gives kids an opportunity for
-           imaginative problem solving (How to make it stick? How to divide it? How to make a print?),
-           planning (What should I start with? What should I do next?),
-           evaluation (Am I happy with the result? Do I want to change/add anything?)
Enjoy the video to see our wonderful kids in action while they are exploring, discovering, developing new skills and coming to new understandings.
Have a very special week, notice how the world around us is changing and talk to your kids!
See you on Monday!

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  1. Nice collection of pics. Good to see that kids are enjoying the activities as a part of their learning.while focusing on the developmental period of a child all preschool programs should equally emphasize on mental and physical development.