Friday, 28 August 2015

Welcome (back)! 28 August 2015

Welcome to a new year at ISR! 
What an exciting and busy first week we have had back after the long summer holidays! Lots of great changes have taken place. Along with our new teachers, Ms Ruta, Ms Ginta and Ms Aiga, the kids enjoy being in mixed age groups now where they can learn from each other, take responsibility and even more ownership of their learning.
Everyone is settling in well and transitions are becoming smoother every day. We have enjoyed the lovely weather and met our old and new specialists, Mr Medd & Ms Ruta for Music, Ms Valda& Ms Jenna for Art and Ms Marlena &Mr Joel for P.E.

Please enjoy a selection of photos of these exciting first days!

REMINDER: Everyone is very welcome to join us for the Sausage Sizzle next Friday, September 4! More information will be sent out to you next week.

Have a wonderful weekend with your kids and see you on Monday!



  1. It does not seem like any of the Linden kids were in the picture video or music class. Would be great to see/read in more detail what kids do each day at school. Especially each group (they seem to have different activities), specifically Linden. Thanks

  2. Hi, Anonymous. There are 7 nice pictures from Linden group ;)