Monday, 15 June 2015

Summer is here

Please enjoy some photos of our final days in preschool before the break!
Have a great summer!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

1 - 5 June 2015

What an exciting week we have had! We kicked it off with a wonderful, sunny day in the forest on Monday. Preschool 2 invited Preschool 1 to join them and the Kindergarten children on one of their weekly field trips to the forest within the Waldkinder programme. Two big busses took us to Bumbu Kalniņš in Northern Riga where we started with a little pick nick snack. Then Preschool 2 explained their younger friends how to be safe in the forest (always stay within visibility of a teacher etc.) and off we went to a hilly and sandy clearing. Everyone eagerly explored the forest, (continued to) build houses from sticks, twigs and branches, climbed trees, built sandcastles, found bugs and flowers and ran up and down the hills. Some children even found twigs that looked like letters. After our pick nick lunch we enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air some more before returning to school. Preschool 1 is definitely ready for some more forest next school year!

Toddlers started this week by making Mr Square and they learnt a new song about this shape. They also tried their hands on making bright and colourful flower prints with the bottom of soda bottles.
Another exciting activity for the Toddlers was making friendly snails and then creating a new game - pretending to be a snail in the house!

On Thursday morning it was time for our annual Preschool Sports Day! Everyone warmed up with a funny zumba dance session lead by Mr Joel and a special surprise visitor, a dancing wolf! Then everyone teamed up according to their house. All the children of Rundāle, Bauska and Turaida showed their skills at different stations, including throwing bean bags, kicking a football, running, climbing and jumping.

We finished this week with an Alphie-Party, celebrating a year of successful learning and SfA activities. The readers read their favourite stories to their friends from the phonic groups and then we celebrated, danced and ate popcorn and candy.

Enjoy some pictures here and find more photos of this week’s activities and creative learning on Facebook!