Friday, 8 May 2015

Sprouting Up!

We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for the Student Led Conferences!


This week continuing to explore the unit of inquiry ‘’Sprouting Up’’,  Toddlers planted peas  in the plastic  bottles creating greenhouses. During story time students were curious and enjoyed listening a story about Little Pea writen by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  During these couple weeks Toddlers have become  experienced  gardeners  and they know the first planting steps  -  preparing the soil, putting the seeds into it and watering them .  Students explored broccoli seeds putting them on wet  cotton balls for sprouting.  

They also had a new experience using  a magnifying glass – what a new world  Little ones discovered! They used it for exploring their own hands, things around the class and outside and observing the sprouts as well!

Students also found out that flowers have friends - different  bugs. In Arts& Crafts they created ladybugs and with their help Toddlers refreshed their counting skills as well as we read the book ‘’Ten Little Ladybugs’’ writen by Melanie Gerth.

Preschool 1a

During the week, in preparation for the Student Led Conferences on Saturday, Preschool 1A students have been reflecting upon the previous units of inquiry: Pets!, Jobs That People Do!, and Sprouting Up!

We have revisited: the jobs that we can do at home to help mummy and daddy; the various jobs that people do at school (teacher, nurse, administrator, sports teacher, ground keeper, librarian, music teacher…); the various jobs that people to in the wider community; animals at home and elsewhere; the special pet that we each chose to research into and to share with our classmates; and the stages and needs of plants. 

During the week we have also looked at the concept of biggest to smallest. On our walking field trip around the school we also observed how much the leaves and flowers had grown over the past week. They were once small and, with each day, they grow bigger and bigger!

We have learnt about the blossoms on trees and how, latter, in their place, fruit will grow: like a cherry, apple, or strawberry. Students enjoyed decorating their very own branch covered with cherry blossoms!

Preschool 1b

It was fun to look back at all our interesting Units of Inquiry in preparation for the Student Led conferences. Everyone was really excited and engaged when we did an exercise matching pets with the right item. We heard many sentences like “I know this!”, “This is easy.” and “Dogs eat bones.” So be sure to ask many questions about pets, jobs that people do and plants sprouting up on Saturday!

We also played with small manipulative toys this week, focusing on fine motor skills. The children made beautiful flowers from pegs and very artistic rubber band pictures. Please see our photos!

Preschool 2

This week we have been working hard to prepare our stories for the SLC. There is so much we want to share with our parents; can’t wait to tell them all the exciting discoveries and proudly show all the artwork we have created.

We have also continued to explore the surrounding school environment and looking for changes. Did you notice that all the plants are growing? Flowers blossoming, and that most of the trees are wrapped in nice green leaves. There are also snails and ants! The grass is now all green and soft. It has been a pleasure to spend a lot of time outside this week.

On Friday we did something very interesting – we replanted two of the big flowers that we have been growing in our room. Now they look so pretty outside! We hope they grow big and beautiful and make everyone happy!

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