Friday, 29 May 2015

25th - 29th May

We have continued to prepare for Jāņi and held a rehearsal on the school grounds under the big trees. Students are enjoying the rhyme and dance:

Kas dārzā, kas dārzā,
Bitīt rožu dārzņā,
Kas dārzā, kas dārzā,
Bitīt rožu dārzņā

Ložņā bitīt caur zaru zariem,
Caur zaru zariem, caur lapu lapai,
Ja citu atrod, liec to savā vietā,
Ja citu atrod, liec to savā vietā

This week continuing to explore the unit of inquiry ‘’Sprouting up’’, the Toddlers were happy to create their own butterflies, colorful flowers and leaves where those butterflies could land on. During story time they enjoyed listening a story about the very hungry caterpillar which turned into a beautiful butterfly.

Continuing to explore numbers and colors, students played  different games.
As this school year is coming to an end, it is great to see that Toddlers have developed a sense of belonging to the Toddlers classroom. They are happy to meet and welcome each other in the mornings and take care of each other as well as help around the classroom!

Preschool 1a
This week the Preschool 1a students, together with the Preschool 1b class, went on a walking field trip around the school grounds. What changes we have seen over the past 6 weeks with each week presenting something new to inquire into and observe. This week we made links to our learning about seeds. Some of the students found chestnuts under the chestnut tree and as we discussed what these round shapes are then we discovered that they are the seeds of the tree and that from a seed a tree can grow!

We liked engaging in various pattern activities such as making: bumble bees with an A,B,A,B (yellow, black, yellow, black) pattern; flowers of various coloured petals with either A,B,A,B or A,B,C,A,B,C or AA,BB,AA,BB patterns! In Art class with Ms Valda we also worked on patterns and made vases (out of small colourful square shaped) for our colourful flowers. Another fun pattern activity was making pattern crowns. Students could choose which pattern they would like to make out of pre-printed flowers: sunflower, tulip, rose. Great job!

Preschool 1b
On Monday we all became very secretive in preschool 1b, because we prepared surprise birthday cards and a heart book for Ms Zoja. On Tuesday it was her birthday and the children prepared a picnic for her in the morning, and later we made banana muffins together, which we enjoyed as a desert after lunch.

On Wednesday the children proved that they were very knowledgeable indeed when they completed a task given to them by Ms Valda. As a final assessment for this Unit of Inquiry, they used different art materials to create a picture of a flower with all its parts and the things it needs to grow. They were also careful to draw and paint everything in the right sequence and last but not least made a frame decorated with a pattern of yellow and red dots. You are very welcome to see their art works exhibited in our classroom!

Preschool 2
We kicked off the week with a wonderful day in the forest! The weather was perfect for various activities allowing us to explore and enjoy all the changes that Spring has brought to the forest. We found bugs, different leaves, made houses and ran around!

For the rest of the week we have continued to observe plants and how they are changing. During our math activities we were challenged by difficult flower patterns focusing not only on the colour, but also on the flower shape pattern.

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  1. Every preschool have different ways to teach kids, but in my Phoenix kindergarten students really enjoy learning rhymes with actions and crafts help. I am happy to see when kids are making cards for their parents, and above all they are learning paintings.