Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sprouting Up!

This has been a shorter week, however, with all of the excitement of the school musical Olivia, we have also had the opportunity to experience a very busy and energetic week and we really enjoyed watching a truly wonderful show!  Monday morning’s rehearsal was enjoyed by all Preschoolers present and we hope that you too were able to come to watch the show during one of the evenings.

We would like to remind you that there will be NO SCHOOL May 1st – 4th


This week Toddlers gained lots of new experience. On Monday, for a short while, the little ones went to see the rehearsal of the musical ‘’Olivia’’. Continuing to explore the unit of inquiry ‘’Sprouting Up ‘’, we talked about the needs of flowers. Out little gardeners saw what happened when seeds didn’t have enough water for sprouting up. So, during the arts&crafts Toddlers created many rainy clouds in preparation for lots and lots of rain. On Tuesday during the Show&Tell time one of our students showed pictures where he was helping to plant an onion bulb in a glass jar as well as beautiful  spring flowers outside in the garden at home. Thank you for this great presentation and photos!

Another new experience for students was collecting  a harvest. These past days the little cress seeds had turned into the little sprouts and Toddlers were eager to taste those little sprouts during their lunch time.

On Wednesday our PE teacher Ms Marlēna surprised Toddlers by visiting them in the classroom and all together we enjoyed some happy dancing and moving around the classroom! Thank you Ms Marlēna! 

Preschool 1a

Some of the books we enjoyed during the week included Aesop’s fable The North Wind and the Sun, and Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg. These stories provided students with new information about what plants and fungus need to grow: appropriate weather conditions and temperature are needed, as well as the amount of water is important for growth. Some may need more than others, and some plants grow a lot faster than others!

The roots of the plant were also discussed and explored with a hands on activity: the students were inquires as we broke apart one of our egg shells in which we had planted and grown some long and thriving cat grass. When removing and separating the plant from the soil we could see where the grass stems out of the seed and how the roots stem out from below the seed into the soil.  We also practiced our find motor skills by making roots for our collaborative tulips display. We then discussed that tulips are one of the plants that grow from a bulb, not a seed. 

During Music lesson, with Mr Mark, we practiced tapping various beats and pretended that they are the sounds in the nature surrounding us. We learned that in music, and in our lives, rest(s) are needed to better balance everything around us.

We reviewed the concept of size by sorting BIG, medium, and small seeds. During our walking field trip, around the school grounds, we liked to look for BIG, medium, and small signs of spring! BIG trees, small blades of grass, medium sized flower buds!

Preschool 1b

It’s unbelievable how much our plants have grown already! Every morning the children remind and help us to water the plants and often we see them standing by the window sill watching and observing the changes in their flower pots. We took a closer look at the roots that have formed in the transparent pots and noticed how they have different shapes. We discovered that they look a bit like fingers, but are actually the plant’s ’mouth’, because they ‘eat’ and ‘drink’ through their roots. 

On Wednesday we had a birthday party in Preschool 1b! Evan turned 4 – Happy Birthday! He did a great job finding his new number and counting four candles for his cake. All his friends coloured and drew beautiful heart-shaped pictures for him which he received as a present in the form of a picture book. After lunch we had delicious cupcakes served on dinosaur and Spiderman plates. What a party!

On Thursday after outside time we went for a walk around the school to see some more plants, flowers, bushes and trees. The children enthusiastically spotted all kinds of blossoms and buds, little plants growing and petals on the ground. We were really impressed how alert they were to all the little details in nature.

Preschool 2

On Monday, after a short visit to the rehearsals of Olivia we left the school for the forest.  The first thing we did when we arrived was have our snack in the lovely sunshine.  We continued our way through the forest.  The rest of the time, while we explored the forest, looked for changes in the surroundings and continued to build our wood houses.  After lunch we treated ourselves with some Smores (hot marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between cookies).

Tuesday we continued our observations by drawing the small sprouts from our flower pots.

On Wednesday our learning journey took us through some short movie clips about planting, growing and observing.  In Arts we finished our previously started Spring paintings. 

On Thursday we headed in our exploration journey around the school looking for changes that Spring has brought for us to see all around! It was so exciting to notice all the differences that had taken place in a weeks time: buds on the trees that have turned into beautiful green leaves; sprouts have now become nice tulips; grass that has grown taller and has so many different kinds of leaves. It is so pretty all around!

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