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April 13-17 --- Sprouting Up!

We are all excited to return to ISR after the Spring break and we are looking forward to learning about our new Unit of Inquiry: Sprouting Up!

We will be inquiring into seeds and plants, the stages of plant development, and the needs of plants.

A fun unit related song you might like to try at home with your child follows the melody: A Farmer in the Dell
1.      The Farmer plants the seeds 2x
        Hi, Ho, a Cherry o
        The Farmer plants the seeds
2.      The rain begins to fall 2x
3.      The sun begins to shine 2x
4.      The plants begin to grow 2x
5.      The buds all open up 2x
6.      The flowers smile at me 2x

It was nice to see the Toddlers being happy to return back to school and meeting each other again after the Easter break! Students started to explore their last unit of inquiry ‘’Sprouting up’’. They created their own mini garden and are going to explore how plants grow. Our young gardeners started by decorating their own flower pots and the sowing flower seeds. Now it’s time to wait patiently when they start to sprout up!

While waiting for the first sprouts to appear, our little students explored different parts of the flower – stem, leaves and  petals. They liked playing a game about the flower parts. During our story time the The Toddlers also enjoyed  listening  to a story about planting – ‘’The Tiny Seed’’ written by Eric Carle. Using egg cartons and making their first spring flowers, the Toddlers made our classroom a colourful and cheerful place!

Preschool 1a
This week we started off with discussing what a plant is. Some of us had ideas and for others this word was brand new.  We then read Ruth Krauss’ The Carrot Seed. This is a wonderful book about a little boy, who planted a seed, pulled the weeds up around it and sprinkled it with water every day.  With his persistence, commitment, and care the carrot seed finally ‘came up’!

Other books we enjoyed were Lisa Bruce’s Grow Flower Grow and Eric Carle’s The Tiny Seed, which helped our pre-schoolers to understand what a seed actually needs in order to grow up and turn into a plant. And, of course, that every one of us should be caring towards the plants.

We were curious as we took a walking field trip around the school grounds and noticed some signs of spring: buds, tiny leaves, blue flowers, and lots of bare trees.  Pre-schoolers also looked at and touched different kind of seeds and some of them planted cat grass into egg shells and peas into flower pots. Now they need to water them carefully every day as they sit on the window sills to soak up some warmth and goodness from the sun. Let’s wait and see if our little seeds will turn into beautiful plants!

Please come in and enjoy the wonderful flower garden with the hand print flowers on our classroom display board! Ask your children to show were the stem and the petals of a flower are.

This week we made 3D flowers with Ms Valda using colourful corn puffs and we also had our sports lesson with Ms Marlene in our Preschool 1a room. This was an interesting experience as it provided the children with a new environment to exercise their ball handling control skills. Children enjoyed this new challenge and change a lot!

Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny weekend! See you on Monday!

Preschool 1b
Spring is here in Preschool 1b! This first week back after the holidays has been full of colourful flower projects, pictures and colouring pages. During circle time we discussed how plants grow from seeds and what they need to grow: soil, water and sunshine. 

New vocabulary like blossom, petal, roots, seeds and leaves was build up and reinforced through songs, making flower pictures during a morning project, puzzles and books. Everyone really enjoyed Eric Carle’s beautiful picture story book The Tiny Seed. We have a box filled with seeds in the classroom which has become increasingly popular after this story! Some children even found seeds in the grapes we had for desert on Thursday and kept them so we could plant them. Who knows, we might have our own grape vines soon!

After outside time on Thursday we went on a small walking field trip around the neighborhood of the school to look for plants. The children were eager to point out many small green leaves, buds and we even saw quite a few blue, pink and yellow blossoms.

On Friday we planted some cress seeds together during circle time. Later we watched some planting and garden related videos explaining how plants grow and every child had the chance to plant three different kinds of flowers, herbs or vegetables which they had chosen earlier on. They are sitting on our window sill now and Preschool 1b is excited to water them and watch them grow over the next weeks!

Preschool 2
Preschool 2 has been busy planting this week. We began the week by trying to figure out what a plant could be. Some of us knew right away, some of us had no clue! On Tuesday we walked around the school looking for plants that are sprouting out of the ground. We learned that we have to look very carefully! At first all the trees around the school looked bare, but then we looked for details and we saw small buds on their branches! Well, that is almost all the buds were small, but one tree had these giant buds! It was so interesting to notice these differences!

On Wednesday morning we planted our own flowers, vegetables and spices! We have been waiting and waiting and nothing is happening! Are they really growing? Nothing seems to be happening in those pots! Then we read a book "Grow, flower, grow!" by Lisa Bruce. It was so funny that little Susan tried to feed her favourite food to the flower. Flowers don’t need the same food as we do in order to grow! They need water, sunlight, soil… and we need lots of patience!

On Friday we made our own observation books where we will draw how our plants are growing. We will be looking for changes and try to pay attention to small details.

Now it is time to go home and rest! But what will happen to our plants at school? We cannot wait to get back to our pots on Monday!!! 

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